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[해외]Mad Catz Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac
[해외]Mad Catz Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac 요약정보 및 구매

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제조사 Mad Catz
상품코드 n1532476498895
판매가격 114,000
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Mad Catz Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac









Black, Blue

Gloss black


Product Description

Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac (MCB437040002/04/1)

Built for the New Generation of Competitive Gaming

Nimble, customizable, and immensely precise, Mad Catz' Tournament Edition R.A.T. Gaming Mouse provides the speedy mouse movement competitive gamers require. Adjustable lift-off height enables the 8200 DPI sensor to be set to a level which sidesteps z-axis tracking issues. Precision Aim mode permits on-the-fly cursor sensitivity adjustment to steady your aim. And, a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop software interface can equip each of the nine programmable buttons with custom macros. Designed by and for hardcore PC gamers, the Tournament Edition R.A.T. Gaming Mouse is a fierce weapon that puts a full arsenal of cutting-edge features at your fingertips.

Elevated Precision

Making a first-ever appearance in a gaming mouse, an 8200 DPI Laser Doppler sensor automatically detects the gaming surface it's on and then makes game-critical adjustments. Optimized for virtually any surface – even black gaming surfaces – you can stay in control of your cursor in any gaming situation. High-speed motion detection reaches 6m/s and acceleration maxes out at 50G. Practically immune to ambient light and dust, enhanced sensor tracking translates into more precise movement and increased in-game kill rates.

Cleared for Lift-off

Lift-off height is a measure of distance between a mouse and gaming surface. Lifting and repositioning a mouse while gaming can interfere with tracking on the z-axis. The height at which a mouse still tracks after removal from the gaming surface is a matter of personal preference. Enter the Tournament Edition R.A.T. , capable of lift-off calibration previously unseen in a gaming mouse. Precise sensor calibration offers the freedom to tweak the lift-off height to suit your individual style of gameplay. Optimized for both lift-off speed and detection when landing, you can adjust lift-off distance from 0.2mm to 1mm.

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Simplified Target Tracking

Precision Aim mode grants on-the-fly cursor sensitivity adjustment. After an uncomplicated setup process within the downloadable programming software, one press of the oversize, easy to actuate Precision Aim button steadies your aim. Another powerful component bolstering your weaponry, Precision Aim mode helps you hit your target the first time, every time.

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27 Custom Paths to Victory

An intuitive drag-and-drop software interface delivers total control over each of the programmable buttons and allows the creation of an unlimited number of profiles. Each profile accommodates 27 user-definable commands via nine programmable buttons over three modes. Easily establish a profile for different games and character builds such as sniper, tank, and healer. Within each profile, you can define DPI settings, map media functions, designate Precision Aim sensitivity, assign simple or complex macro timing, and set key bindings. Whether your game of choice is FPS, RPG, or any other genre, you have the power to customize your enemies' demise.

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Personalize Your Dots per Inch

Four user-definable DPI settings range from 100 to 8200. A convenient DPI button cycles through custom settings, granting easy access to sensitivity adjustments.

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Tenaciously Durable

Courtesy of longer-lasting build materials, this R.A.T. can prevail for five years under extreme duress. And that's if you game six hours a day, six days a week, all year long. Don't play that much? Expect this R.A.T. to last considerably longer. Buttons which typically see the most action – left and right mouse buttons – employ OMRON switches rated at five million cycles.

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Fast and Lightweight

Weighing in at a mere 90 grams excluding the cable, the R.A.T. TE is one of the lightest gaming mice currently available. A translucent chassis and agile baseplate smoothly glide atop slick and quiet PTFE feet. Providing next to zero resistance on most gaming surfaces, lightning-quick reactions immediately translate to in-game actions.

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Ergonomically Upgraded

An array of ergonomic improvements to this version R.A.T. enhances comfort and control. New-style pinkie and thumb rests harmonize with the natural contours of your digits. And, the palm rest is length adjustable, easily adapting to your hand size and grip technique.


Adjustable Lightweight Construction
Allows User To Remap Programmable Buttons & Create Custom Macros
Precision Aim
True 8200dpi Laser Sensor & Adjustable Lift-off Distance Of .2mm To 1mm
8200 DPI Laser Doppler sensor with high-speed motion detection and 4 customizable DPI settings
8200 DPI Laser Doppler sensor with high-speed motion detection and 4 customizable DPI settings
Adjustable lift-off height avoids issues with tracking on the z-axis
Oversized Precision Aim button enables on-the-fly cursor sensitivity adjustment
Intuitive drag-and-drop software interface accommodates 27 user-definable commands via 9 programmable buttons over 3 modes
Fast and lightweight - weighs only 90 grams excluding the cable
Left and right mouse buttons use OMRON switches rated at five million cycles
Brand : Mad Catz
Item model num : MCB437040002/04/1
MPN(PartNumber) : MCB437040002/04/1
EAN : 0804904200593
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 12x8x16cm ; 222 g
Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 17x12x8cm ; 222 g
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